I’ve been quite ambivalent to the ‘Scottish Question’ until now. I have also mentioned homeopathy before when writing about – inter aliamen who have sex with men and Jeremy Hunt but I didn’t expect the two subjects to conflate into something  quite so political within a fortnight of that post.

Homeopathy has long been proven to be absolutely worthless (unless treating polydipsia) yet the NHS continues to spend millions on it. And it’s not just the overpriced water, it’s the staff, the consulting rooms and all the other costs associated with providing white elephants for middle-class hypochondriac hippies.

Now Tayside NHS has gone a stage further by telling lies to critically ill patients. It has sent out a document claiming that homeopathy benefits patients “recovering from cancer-related illnesses and some of our palliative care patients”. You can see it here.

“Homeopathy is witchcraft. It is a disgrace that [it] is paid for by the NHS” – British Medical Association”

And  it gets better: homeopathy works “by stimulating the body to heal itself” – no it doesn’t, it’s water – but Tayside NHS does express concern that “patients may experience what is known as an “aggravation” or reaction to the remedies. This is usually a good sign that the remedy has triggered your body to respond.”

This is also Utter, Utter Bollocks (µ²B). The only ‘aggravation’ I can think of that may cause distress or be correlated with homeopathic remedies is drowning. Or getting aggravated that you turn up at a hospital expecting a proven, science-based treatment only to be fobbed off with what the BMA has characterised entirely accurately as ‘witchcraft’.

OK. Secede from the NHS (many would argue NHS Scotland already has). Rely on magic woo rather than science-based medicine. Tell lies to the seriously ill in your society. Give them worthless ‘remedies’ proven to be ineffective and tell them it’s ‘medicine’ that will make them better.

And let them vote to be lied to and given water rather than medication. Go nuts. Live the dream.

Just let them know you’re telling them lies – and don’t fund it with all our taxes.