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Rectofossal Ambiguity


Rectofossal Ambiguity is not knowing the difference between your arse and a hole in the ground.
It’s also a blog about microbiology and mocking pseudoscience on the internet.

In this ‘post truth’ world where misinformation on the internet is literally killing people, combatting the bollocks with science is our only hope.

Rectofossal. Fighting The Stupid since 2014.

Praise for Rectofossal Ambiguity

We salute the 3,888,505 of you who’ve dropped by, especially those who commented. Some never came back…

Follow the madness:

…anonymous microbiologist Recto Fossa …gung-ho style and “Quite simply, these people [the Cochrane reviewers and The BMJ] all have a dog in the fight…”

Trish Groves, Editor, the BMJ

“Never read such a blinkered ‘tar everything with the same brush’ bunch of tosh… written by someone who can’t be bothered to try out first THEN report”

“…a really good discussion and takes on the [Tamiflu® controversy] methodological issues in much more detail than I could…”

Prof Robert Dingwall, Nottingham Trent University
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